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Be The Light

No. 66
Posted on 9/10/2018 by Mark Hutchinson
I have a challenge for you this week. Consider for a few minutes the quotes above and then commit yourself to be the brightest, best and most positive version of yourself this week. Easy to say. Hard to do. MLK Jr. helps us understand that it is by pursuing what is good within us that we have a positive impact on the world. That impact, however, is not limited to the world. It includes ourselves. Focus your energy on turning up the brightness of your own light and that bigger glow will follow you week after week. You’ll feel it and the people around you will feel it. Light draws together light and the light reinforces the light. Ueshiba sensei says it in a little different way. A bright and clear mind is not cluttered with angst, difficulty or hardship but with an...

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