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Mondays with Mark started as a labor of love to inspire intentional thought, acts of kindness, and self-reflection. Years ago, Mark Hutchinson, the creator of Mondays with Mark, received a weekly email called Wednesdays with Willie. Willie (Bill) had a heart of love and shared words of wisdom with his email list, and Mark would faithfully forward it on to our teams at WEO Media and Visionsite each week. After Willie passed away a year ago, Mark took up the torch for all of us at WEO Media and began his own words of wisdom to share.

After a few months of sharing his inspirational thoughts, Mark began a new list called Wonder of Wednesdays - to find sparks of joy and wonder in the world around us.

We invite you to share in the weekly inspiration: come here and read the weekly blogs and encouragements, or sign up to receive your updates by email.

This Week's Monday With Mark

Endurance : A Human Quality
No. 46
Posted on 5/22/2017 by Mark Hutchinson
Your ability to endure hardship, difficulties and frustrations is a far more magical power that it might seem on the surface. In fact, endurance is not just found in the realm of gritty, seasoned soldiers or high performance athletes. It is an essential core you’ll find inside those people around you that always get things done, don’t make a big deal about it, and have high goals set for themselves. In an anthropological documentary I recently watched, the film maker hit directly upon the same idea as our second quote above. That the incredible endurance of humans allows them to overcome harsh realities of the environment and also to dominate other creatures that would otherwise be favored with the odds makers in a cage match. I watched a group modern African hunters just...

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